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Does it make senseTo own one’s desiresAnd hold you inMy arms, closed andWarm like a phospheneMemorised, drunk and deadLooking in your eyes,Trying to make senseOf the patterns ofLife with what youHave to judge and classifySensual emotions, lettingGo the anarchic impulsesAnd… Continue Reading →

Casual Poetry

Everyone writes poetry I used to try too Till the day I saw The sad and the good The sublime, the trippy Unlike anything I had seen From that day I have lost My ability to create a rhyme Everything… Continue Reading →

What do you get out of writing fiction?

As many people here said, fiction writing can be therapeutic. The process is painful and takes you through a journey that you can not imagine at the beginning. You start with the intention of designing a world, designing characters and… Continue Reading →

Shifting Focus

Shifting Focusdisappointedthat no onelooks athimthe performerstarted tolook athimselfand enjoyingwhat hedidforgot thefaint signsdisappointmentlost in hisown worldintimately interconnectedand whenhe wasdrawn tothe beautyof silenceand visualisedthe millionpossibilitieshe realisedthe crowdaround himhad beenhypnotised

Stephen King – On writing

The toolbox for writing Vocabulary is the core tool and you build it by reading. Do not search for words just to use them in your writing. You will feel fake. Use the word that comes to your mind. Grammar… Continue Reading →

Poem — Optimism

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of optimism A little song, a little dance and a little laughter To clear the gloomy air and the pessimistic clouds You need some bright sun and some fresh air She looked… Continue Reading →

My Writing Process

(Posted on quora for the question asking about the writing process of authors) I will just add my writing process and experience to the many answers below. When I went through these answers, many were surprisingly similar to what I… Continue Reading →

Not that and not this

Yesterday, in an interview, Win Butler was asked a question about his songwriting process. Interesting he referred to “Negative Theology” while answering that. The interviewer was hinting at becoming monotonous while writing newer songs and Win thought that being monotonous… Continue Reading →

Life Itself

Sometimes all you need is life itself Looking at things with a pair of new eyes Sometimes all you need is dying in the moment Feeling the grass with wet feet and all Just the other day we were on… Continue Reading →

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