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Ask Manik : What do poets want to express after all?

Poets want to express the inexpressible. Yes, the real poets seek the challenge of putting in words stuff that can not be put in words. No poet wants to write about the red flask in front of you. That is the task of a painter or photographer.

Poets want to write about the emotion that red flask may be generating in you that you yourself do not clearly know about. Maybe the colour red reminds you of the red saree your sister wore in her marriage, maybe it is the colour red that you saw when your finger was cut or the red bindi your mom wore when you were a small kid. The emotions can be love, fear, compassion or a mix of all.

The reason why you feel so good after writing a poem is that you know the feeling a little better after putting it on the paper. It is this process of manifesting the unmanifested also puts poet in the forefront of human consciousness, and in the old times being a poet was the height of wisdom and the old literature is mostly written as poetry.

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