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Whiskey And Suicide – Promotion

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Kindle Free Promotion
Kindle free promotion (Buy now with the link Below)

I published “Whiskey and Suicide” on 8th October, 2020 amidst the pandemic. It was a very emotional book that tackled a number of issues facing the middle class in India. I knew it was an intense book and has limited appeal to the thrill seeking, impatient reader stereotype that we have today. In fact the first reviewer for the book warned me that the book will not appeal to the millennial population. Three month down the line, the sales of the book have exceeded my expectations, many people have reviewed the book and it has reached the Amazon bestseller list in the short stories category.

More importantly, the book has made writing a part of my life. I am on my second draft of the next novel, scheduled to be launched this quarter. As a token of gratitude, I am planning to give the book free for a day this Sunday(10th Jan, 2021). The hope is to have more people discover my writing. Please share this with your groups, your contacts and any online forums you belong to. Please do not forget to download it yourself and leave an honest review.

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